Age Is Just A Number!

At Aesthetics Suites we have a number of talented nurses who can not only offer useful advice, but will carry out the procedure with great skill and care. Give us a call today on 07716 147592  to arrange for a consultation or to book in a treatment.

Aesthetics Isn’t Just Lip Fillers and Botox… We Specialise In Treating Mature Ladies and Gentlemen.

Mature patients are more likely to benefit from a number of treatments, rather than one-offs, such as lip filler, for example. Various filler treatments can leave them looking rejuvenated by providing an overall facial refresh. This tends to be the widely desired goal for patients in their 50s and above, whereas younger clients often have singular aims, for example, more voluminous lips. 

We review the face holistically and outline the challenges and benefits of the various treatment options clearly.  Treatment planning, such as treating deeper layers, superior regions and lateral areas. 

Skin quality is an important aesthetic we consider. Even if you do decide to go with multiple treatments, they do not have to have these all in one session. We will always encourage you to take your time. 

The most popular treatments within the clinic for rejuvenation are dermal fillers, skin boosters and profhilo….always achieving a refreshed look that is still you! 


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